We have resisted the temptation of the fads of the fitness industry. Simply, we use science based strength & conditioning concepts and treat everyone like an athlete no matter your experience or fitness level. In our 7000 sq/ft facility, we take pride in providing a supportive and competitive training environment which promotes self-confidence and individual self-improvement to produce the most athletic version of you. We cater to a diverse clientele, which ranges from middle school children to collegiate athletes to full-time moms.

Who it's geared towards

  • Adults who wants to work hard and ACTUALLY see results

  • Anyone who wants to train in a competitive, supportive, and fun environment.

  • Anyone who wants to feel better and learn how to keep chronic injury away

  • Anyone who wants to change their body compositon.

  • Anyone who wants to burn 9x more fat than steady state cardio exercise alone

  • Anyone who wants to really be strong, lean, and actually SEE muscle definition

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to eat correctly to metabolize fat faster

What you get

  • A Client Assessment to ensure this is the best training solution for you.

  • Training groups offered every month with new programming every month to stimulate constant results

  • 3 training appointments/week. Each month will consist of 12 appointments (12 contact hours).

  • Group size will be no larger than 8 people per training appointment.

  • Groups will be offered at a variety of times to accommodate a multitude of schedule needs.

  • 3, 6, and 12 month contracts will be offered for your convenience

  • Open Gym Hours access

  • Access to The Edge Recovery Zone which includes cold/hot therapies and the NormaTec Recovery System

  • Analytics - Individualized Performance Reports sent every 4 weeks

  • Access to our nutrition partners, Kettlebell Kitchen and Renaissance Periodization

  • Body Fat and Metabolic Rate evaluation

What you'll learn

  • Reduce the potential for chronic and traumatic injury.

  • Optimize flexibility and soft tissue quality for injury prevention.

  • Master lifting techniques.

  • Eliminate structural compensation patterns.

  • Increase cardiovascular work capacity through continued high-intensity conditioning.

  • Decrease body fat composition and weight management.


Month(s)Price Per MonthContact HoursPrice Per Contact HourSavings

Please note that all of our contracts auto-renew. 



1800 Johns Drive
Glenview, IL — 60025