The Edge Self defense Series

Don't wait for something to happen and become another statistic!

This self defense series is designed for anyone looking to learn and implement the skills needed to enhance their personal safety and mental, emotional, environmental and physical awareness. 

Why Train with the edge for self defense

We continue to receive requests for self defense training, especially for our high school, college and mom populations.

Since we are not the authority on personal self defense training, we've brought in someone who is.  

Tim Rochford's resume includes:

  • National and International Self Defense Presenter and Trainer since 1982
  • 7th degree Black belt in Kajukenbo Karate
  • Designer/Instructor of Proactive Personal Security - a nationally taught self defense program 
  • Board of Advisors of the American Council on Martial Arts (ACMA) 
  • Author of the ACMA Instructor Certification Manual chapter "How To Teach Self Defense Safely"

Self Defense Series Structure:

  • Workshops will be offered four (4) times per year with each focusing on a different, yet essential skill.
    • Evasion & Striking Techniques
      • Elbow, Hammer Fist, Palm Strike, Knees, Kicks, and more.
    • Grab & Hold Techniques
      • Chokes, Shoulder Grab, Headlock, Bear Hug, Arm Grab, Hair Grab, and more. 
    • Weapon Defense
      • Firearms, Bladed & Club Weapons, Close-range Head & Body techniques, Mid Range Head & Body techniques, and more. 
    • Scenario Training
      • In Car, Close Quarters In Building, Seated, Multiple Attacker, Ground Surface, Offensive Weapon techniques, and more. 
  • Each workshop will have two (2) sessions.
    • Session 1 is 2 hours and will combine skill education and active participation. The participant will learn and practice the curriculum skills.
    • Session 2* is an 1.5 hour optional session that will reinforce the skills learned in Session 1 with a full particpation, physical hands on experience. For most of the Training Subjects, this includes simulated attacks by the instructor.  *Individuals cannot participate in Session 2 unless Session 1 is completed. 

Self Defense Series Details:

WHO: Anyone over the age of 16

WHERE: The Edge located at 1800 Johns Dr. in Glenview 


Workshop ContentSession 1Session 2
Evasion/StrikingSat 11/25/17 2:30-4:30pmSat 12/16/17 2:30-4pm
Grabs/HoldsSat 1/20/18 2:30-4:30pmSat 1/27/18 2:30-4pm
Weapons DefenseSat 4/21/18 2:30-4:30pmSat 4/28/18 2:30-4pm
Scenario TrainingSat 7/21/18 2:30-4:30pmSat 7/28/18 2:30-4pm


Session 1: $75 ($60 for current Edge clients)

Session 1 & 2: $130 ($105 for current Edge clients)

A 10% discount will be given for registering for all four workshops. 

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