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THE EDGE’s training helped me identify my physical strengths and weaknesses and find the correct exercises to target my baseball needs. The workouts are designed to prevent injury, increase range of motion, and strengthen my body so I feel energetic and physically in tune with my game. I am progressing everyday and applying his teaching methods in my daily routine.
— Adam Rosales • Infielder, MLB

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The EDGE training program was great for my team. The girls grew in their self-confidence as strong young female athletes while at the same time building strength to prevent injuries and to be faster on the field. The girls love the program and as coaches, we will continue to use it in the years to come.
— Anne Lesch • Glenbrook South HS Girls Lacrosse Head Coach
The Edge guided me in breaking away from the typical High School athlete trend and taught me the proper mechanics and techniques of lifting. They helped boost my confidence in my physical abilities and sheer strength. I am so lucky that my Edge family trained and supported me and transformed into a D1 collegiate rower at the USC (University of Southern California) without ever picking up an oar before my freshman year. Despite my initial lack of rowing technique that many of my recruited teammates learned training with their national teams, my strength and ability to move just like them allowed me to keep up and even push them in our workouts. Returning to The Edge during offseason has provided me with the tools to prevent mid-season injuries, maintain my strength and endurance, and push me ahead of my teammates. I have contributed to my team’s continued success in holding a spot as a top ten rowing program in the nation for three consecutive years, an accomplishment I never would have achieved without this program. Thank you Edge!
— Sara B. - NCAA Rower, USC Captain, PAC-12 Femaile Athlete of the Year Nominee
Won my first tournament today and shot 75. Won by one shot. This was a big stepping stone for me. I can’t thank you guys enough!
— Sue W. • Senior Golfer & US Senior Open participant
I have tried Weight Watchers three times and lost weight each time only to gain it back. In frustration, on the advice of friends, I signed up with The Edge. I have never been so satisfied by a weight loss/training program. The EDGE training does what Weight Watchers and other trainers did not do - it marries nutrition training and exercise. The skills I learned were great - I dropped 9.6lbs in one month and 9.8% in body fat. I have continued to lose weight in the two weeks since the program ended by applying their techniques. The trainers were very friendly and knowledgeable. I can not recommend this organization enough!
— Kevin G. - Attorney
Thank you to you and your team, for all your help with a great training program. I really needed the extra push that you guys gave me to work on getting back into shape after so many years. I really appreciate all your help, the guidance, tips and tricks, and yes - even the sweat. I love having the opportunity to recommend you to people. Thank you again for all you do. It really means a lot.
— Jennifer H.
I want to thank you for coming up with this program. It really does work, if you do the work! I am now down 14lbs in a month and 2.5% body fat and who knows about inches, but a lot of those are gone too. But forget about all that... I dropped a jean size in a month!!!! The trainers are all very nice, easy to work with and know their stuff!! Your program is addicting and easy to follow. I am so happy to have found a program that works, without starving myself or eating pre packaged foods. Thanks again!!
— Lisa K. • Happy Mom
I truly have never felt stronger in my entire life until I completed this program. Not only do I feel extremely healthy, but my jeans have never fit me so well. My confidence level has risen because of this program, and I feel as if I have the motivation and discipline to do anything.
— Janis L. • Active Mom and Grandma
My Husband, Ed and I have participated in The Edge program for over ten years and it is such an important part of our lives. Working out in groups, but with very personalized attention, makes this program unique. As “seniors”, this is most important to us. Their education and expertise in his field assures that every participant is safe, challenged and has fun too. We have made many good friends at The Edge and always look forward to a good workout, physically and mentally, with our Edge family. Our physician has told us that both of us are younger than our chronological age. We attribute this to our healthy lifestyle, with The Edge being a big part of this. Thanks to The Edge for strong bodies, increased stamina and many good friends.
— Sue J.
I LOVED the whole program! I am very happy I tried it. Your programs are all truly amazing; THE EDGE is the best...and I am not shy about telling people that! By the way, I was totally impressed with all the information that came along with the program. I learned a lot yet again.
— Jenna H. • College Student
I really and truly want to say thank you for everything you and the Edge have taught me. I continue to revel in my Edge knowledge and the programs you guys have developed. I guess I seriously drank The Edge kool-aid. I become even more aware of it all at school where I am one of the only girls lifting on the weight room floor! It’s almost like I know a huge secret everyone else there doesn’t know. I’m lucky to have been given the opportunity to be part of the Edge, it has made me an exception to the rule.
— Jessica A. • College Student
My son was in you program earlier this year and he really benefited from his time there. Not only did he lose weight/body fat but his stamina/energy level significantly improved. Recently we returned back from New Mexico after a wonderful backpacking trip there with a group full of kids/adults from Glenview. We had a great time on the backpacking trip and I really owe you and your program a big THANK YOU for your part in making in all happen. From a Dad’s perspective the results I have seen in my son are priceless ~ THANK YOU!
— Duncan • Proud Parent
Truthfully, this was the first training program I have ever done and am very spoiled by the best instructors possible. A friend talked about the program and she was right. At 50, I feel much better and fit into last year’s clothes. Now I am heading for the clothes I couldn’t wear 3 years ago.
— Jamie K. • ER Doctor
Maybe it’s just psychological, but I have not felt this good in 10 years. I’m down 5 lbs in one week and have more enrergy than I have had in years (with our redbull, vitamin water, or CAFFEINE)!
— Brian W. • Senior VP
I used to work out in college and I felt that I knew everything I needed to know to get back into shape. An injury caused me to try a different style of workout with The EDGE. I was skeptical at first with lifts I have never done before. I am now a big time believer and am very thankful to have met Mark. I would highly recommend The EDGE to anyone at any level! They are the real deal!
— Art D.